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to regain control. time for the business news. many are excited about this. >> nintendo is unveiling its new video game machine in los angeles this tuesday. it has provided little details so far, beyond saying it will offer a new approach to home consoles. its predecessor, the wii, certainly did that, but the stock has crashed back down again. what we can expect from nintendo today -- >> it is a closely guarded secret. the motion controller, again, will be key. we think there will be a build in touchscreen in the middle of it. you'll have the big screen where you play the main game. perhaps if you have a racing screen where the controller becomes a wheel -- you'll have that on the little screen. >> explain to me where it is in the market at the moment and what it is trying to achieve. >> i think nintendo needs to reinvent its lniche. it did it with the wii. nintendo said, there's a huge untapped market out there of what one could call casual gamers -- family members, like to have simple games. they made their money on that. for many years, they al sold the playstation -- out-sold the playsta
weather center. thank you very much indeed. >>> i wawhat do nintendo and thi have in common? they're the latest targets for computer hackers. we'll learn about the group claiming responsibility. >>> and how safe are company servers? we'll get the lowdown on the next big thing in the online world. any questions? no. you know... ♪ we're not magicians ♪ we can't read your mind ♪ ♪ read your mind ♪ we need your questions ♪ each and every kind ♪ every kind ♪ will this react with my other medicine? ♪ ♪ hey, what are all these tests even for? ♪ ♪ questions are the answer ♪ yeah ♪ oh >>> live from cnn london, this is "world business today." welcome back. >>> this time hackers have targeted nintendo and the u.s. federal bureau of investigation no less. these attacks, these latest attacks follow cyberraids on sony and google just last week. ramy inocencio has the latest developments. >> on sunday nintendo confirmed it was indeed hacked. bit same group that targeted sony last week and pbs the week before. that would be luls security. the breach happened in mid-may
of the new nintendo wii-u. stop! get out! >> pretty good stuff. >> a little exciting. i will control myself. it's june 8th. does feel more like august for millions and millions of americans including us. >> that's right the heat and humidity are at or near dangerous levels, watches, advisories alerts all on today they're posted all over the northeast as well as some of the areas of the midwest. our coverage begins now with steve osunsami. >> reporter: in woodstock, georgia where it felt like it was nearly 100 degrees. >> so you don't carry a sweat rag? >> no. >> reporter: sergeant keith smith showed us how in the world he keeps cool wearing a bulletproof vest under his shirt. it is a device called the cool cop, and officers here are attaching it to air conditioning in their patrol cars and connecting the other end of the hose to a sweet spot underneath the vest. >> because it makes the difference. >> definitely. it makes you, when you are hot, miserable, sweaty it puts you in -- the mood of, this is all you can think of. you get in the vehicle and put it into your vest it cools you off. put
on the new nintendo wii area is it worth the money? we will in all. first, a look at what is coming up in tonight's nightline. >> roosevelt coming up on nightline. facebook under fire for using facial recognition software on your folders. cool or creepy? plus, summer is the time for movies to go big. that means sequels, stars, and maybe some surprises. that's coming up on nightline right after abc to news at 11:00 area >> it's the newest gaming console. children as well as adults can't wait to get their hands on it. is it worth it? well, the experts are convinced. we have more. >> after weeks of speculation, nintendo has finally unveiled its new week, the high-definition version. it is a huge advancement over the current game console, but why are so many critics and investors yawning? take a look. this is the nintendo did you -- nintendo wii you. it has hd graphics, and check out that controller. it looks like a cross between a nintendo ds site and i had. the controller even can be used on its own as a habitat have as a handheld gaming unit. nintendo appears to be at a crossroads. its
for the wii? nintendo's next generation gaming device unveiled at entertainment expo. >>> people who have never had to call for help before are calling. >> an important variation on 411. the other three numbers that connect people in the bay area with the help they need. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, issues with their radios, even after the city installed a brand new communications s >>> different day same problem oakland police still having issues with their radios even after the city installed a brand-new communication system. linda yee has the audiotapes so you can hear it for yourself. >> reporter: dana, at 6 a.m. sunday morning, the city of oakland officially switches to the new improved multi-million dollar system for fire and police. and yes, some of those old problems are still coming up. it wasn't until this high speed car chase that the hold in oakland's emergency radio -- holes in oakland's emergency radio system became ovens. officers in a deadly standoff lost contact with dispatch and each other when their radios failed. on monday, city officials showed off the new $7 million state-of
to all of their apple devices. many speculate steve jobs might have a surprise. nintendo says no personal data was lost when hackers broke into its website on the weekend. a group that hacked sony claim responsibility. the group said it was not attacking nintendo. -- the group said it was not attacking nintendo if the groups like a particular game. there are some new words on the oxford dictionary. nsfw which means not say it's for work. >> i am feeling old right now. [applause] [laughter] >>> you're getting as bad vibes about the weather this week. >> here we go again. >> i know. >> let me just put it that way. today is not going to be so bad. we will enjoy today. but the next couple days, especially mid-week, heat and humidity. let's give you some details. starting with the weatherbug network, it's not bad out there right now. a touch of humidity. tampa trees are in the 60's. leesburg and germantown, 62. 65 in d.c.. gainesville right now at 64. we do have a little fog. you can see it from the rooftop terrace looking east into the district. once the sun rises it will burn through that fo
once. now nintendo bets it can do it again. what we do and and don't know about it s next great console. a special tribute for two fallen san francisco firefighters. this is a live look at coit tower, glowing red tonight for lieutenant vincent perez and firefighter anthony valerio. they died last week fighting a house fire in the diamond heights neighborhood. this tribute will continue every night this week through friday. one of the leading couples in the effort to legalize same-sex marriage in california is divorcing. molly mckay and davina kotulski have separated after 15 years together, and seven years of marriage. don knapp has reaction from others in the movement. molly and davina split 6-07-2011 the state corrections department initially denied andrew johnson's request to march in his work uniform in west hollywood this sunday. they said it would be a discredit to the department. so johnson hired attorney gloria allred to file a discrimination complaint. this afternoon, the department changed course, saying its policy is outdated and requires careful revision. california's top in
. >>> this week, we are expected to get an announcement from nintendo after two years of shrinking sales of the wii they will unveil the successor at the gaming industry annual convention in l.a. it's keeping this hush, hush but gamers are anticipating features like high definition graphics and touch screen controls. >>>5:27. wild fires in arizona are forcing some people there to leave their homes this morning. >> coming up, the fight to contain the blaze. >>> plus if you fly you may be subjected to a patdowns. why lawmakers want to make it a crime. >> reporter: in today's tech bites steve jobs makes a rare appearance. he is expected to focus on i cloud which lets users stream purchased music to all their ael device. but many are speculating that jobs who has been out on medical leave might have a surprise plan. nine fend tendo says no -- nintendo says no personal data was lost when hackers broke into their website. group says it was not attack nintendo because the hackers like the n64 gaming console and the oxford dictionary add popular tech terms. twitter fear is postings on twitter. z
. >>> the popular nintendo wyoming is -- wii is getting an upgrade. it's a smartphone like remote control that allows gairms to play on two at the same time. nintendo hopes it will help drive up their sales which had dropped because of microsoft's connect and sony's move motion controller. >>> microsoft has announced its latest version of the xbox. the xbox 360 fee ors new features that parter in with youtube and bling. a video demo did show a couple using voice controls to surf the channels and did up watching abc's castle. executives hope to make xbox live a hub for all sorts of entertainment. >>> so if you have an ipod, ipad or iphone,le a be able to watch them all. apple's ceo steve jobs introduced the icloud on monday. apple is not the first in the so-called cloud market. they would like to take it to a whole new level. we have the pros and cons of living in the cloud. >> reporter: apple took a big leap into the cloud. >> some people think the cloud is just a hard disbeing in the -- disc in the sky. we think it's way more. >> reporter: speaking at the conference, apple's ceo steve jo
on er hacko -- anothoer ha attack, this time on nintendo. a plane in need of a rescue. >> it will be a nice day today. we have some big-time heat in the seven-day forecast. >> jammed conditions in howard >> jammed conditions in howard >> welcome back. 70 degrees downtown. there is some fog in some neighborhoods. temperatures are much cooler. 59 in frederick. 62 degrees in jarrettsville. we had some rain around last night. you could see the storms in central pennsylvania. nothing going on right now. we'll start out with some sunshine after the fog burns off. high pressure in control will bergesen a nice day today -- high-pressure in control will bring us a nice day today. we're in the cool and comfortable air. we could see a thunderstorm as the dividing line heads in on tuesday. then we'll get into the heat. well into the 90's by wednesday. first elected the tropics -- first a look at the tropics. this is not a tropical system just yet. they will probably send a plane down there. it would be the first tropical storm of the season and it will be called arlene. temperatur
nintendo is unveiling the successor of the wii. the video game console will debut at the gaming industry's annual convention in los angeles. nintendo isn't saying much about the new device but gamers are anticipating features like high definition graphics and touchscreen controllers. >>> walmart is rolling out a new type of store, will call it the walmart express. the convenience store-size shop is an answer to the growing competition from dollar stores. it's going to carry all the items you'll need in a hurry. walmart express is designed to fit into cities where space is limited or in rural areas that can't put a superstore. the first two express stores open today in arkansas. >>> the gas pump prices easing a little. gas prices in baltimore, 5 cents in the past week to more than 20 cents in the past month. right now the average for a gallon of regular is about 3.75. we're keeping track of the gas prices on how about a hand for sit go? making the top 10. way to go. >> the gas prices section under the traffic tab. you'll find a list of gas stations in the area. there's also
tons were being removed and put into storage at the fukushima daiichi plant. >> sony and nintendo lost ground and they scrambled to recover from attacks on hackers. the attack on nintendo seems to be less serious than the sony playstation security breach. >>> looking ahead, opec's gathering in vienna could be the petroleum group's most contentious in years. it faces pressure to respond to triple digit oil prices. >>> back here at home, apple ceo and co-founder steve jobs makes a big return from medical leave to deliver a keynote speech in california. a new operating system and cloud computing service are expected to be among today's highlightings. >>> and finally, the average penny pincher has nothing on one man in utah who's been cited for disorderly conduct after paying a disputed medical bill with 2500 pennies. he now faces a fine of $140, or 14,000 pennies. >>> coming up from ejections to players. a wild night in the diamondbacks-nationals game. and miami's lebron james hammers home game three of the nba finals. your early morning sports headlines are ahead. >>> in weather, wide-sp
know you love the nintendo wii. get ready for big changes. >> and a protest turns into a sky high breakup. activists ended up in trouble wickes the law. >>-- trouble with the host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on cararnsurance? host: do dogs chase cats? ♪ 70's music ♪ sfx: squealing tires. >>> good morning, washington. we begin with our top stories at 5:13. breaking news from montgomery county. the ramp from the inner loop to the beltway at river road is closed while police investigate an accident. two people died when a motorcycle crashed around 2:30 this morning. that iran could be closed several hours. >-- the ramp could be closed several hours. >>> new york congressman anthony wiener is under increasing pressure to resign after admitting that he sent photographs to women. >>> the government says there have only been a few incidents of airplanes being held more
. >> there is all lot of big news coming out of san francisco. nintendo says introduced their version of the new we. a closer look at the new gaming technique coming to your living room. >> it is going to change the way games are played. >> nintendo has introduced at the new-line we. it is a sensitive touch screen. it offers u2 screens to reply off one at your television and the second act as a video screen. you can't play the game on the controller itself. no price or release date have been announced. sony also announced a new hand-held video system it's called the town. you can connect to one another. this device will be $249. the data is expected to be on the market by the holidays. x box users will be able to watch live cheaply. and what search will be coming to x box. of all this news what seems to be getting the most response >> the new week is the big buzz around here. >> that's a good father's day gift may be father's day 2012 >> big news to announce the kron now has news at 8:00 p.m. a convenient way to catch up on news of the day. we will be right back we hear verizon's 4g lte is fast. le
to make it cool to be a good girl. >>> at number two, a nintendo hat, the japanese games maker is the latest company to say it has suffered a security breach online. nintendo says one of its services was hacked, but no consumer data or company information has been lost. the spate of hack attacks has people worried and not surprisingly it's a big talking point online. and at number one, steve jobs and the icloud. apple's jobs is expected to unveil the company's newest technology today at the annual developers conference. right now the icloud and the jobs himself are the top trends online. steve jobs has been on medical leave since january and this is only his second public appearance so far this year. so steve jobs and icloud are the top trends on social media. and kristi liu, explain what the icloud is. >> we have to step back and explain what is cloud computing. the concept is very simple. cloud computing is basically outsourcing your processing power or outsourcing your data to a third party. and if you're a computer user, it's very likely you are, it's very likely that you'v
to be the next c.i.a. director. >>> it's 5:44. nintendo gets his by hackers. bloomberg business report just ahead. >> and remarkable breakthrough in the fight against skin cancer. >> a wildfire rages out of control in arizona. next what makes this one a big concern for firefighters. >> and the impact the tsunami and nuclear crisis is having on summer business fashion in japan. >>> welcome back. live doppler 7-hd. you can he is the showers are winding down. but up in the sierra, it's dicey and that will continue through the better part of the day. mid-70s and still pretty dry around l.a. and palm springs 88 and winter storm watch will continue. winter weather advisory until 5:00. watch out for snow down to 5500 feet. >>> today the palo alto city council is expected to approve a package of permits for stanford's medical center expansion. they say the $3.5 billion project is the largest development there in history. it will add a million square feet of office and clinic space. nearly hundred public meetings have been held since the plan was proposed four years ago. work could begin this summer and f
for the day's -- the first day's big announcements including what is next for nintendo wii. kabc's rob hayes has a look. wish i was there. >> reporter: in video games, speed and agility are assumed. with video gamers -- >> whoo! >> reporter: -- it's not. but when the doors first opened at electronic entertainment expo, enthusiasm could be the extra "e" to add to e-3 as well as -- >> enormous. >> reporter: and it is enormous. every year the gaming expo swallows up the entire l.a. convention center. the biggest video game companies from around the world, e.a., microsoft, all showing off their latest bells and whistles. >> oh, it's outrageous. there's nothing like e-3. it's just gamers everywhere. everyone coming to do the same thing which is just re-fall in love with games. >> reporter: all the bright lights and big noise don't mean anything without any big announcements, and there certainly was a big announcement from nintendo. wii fans get ready to chuck your nunchucks. a new system with a tablet-sized controller is in the works -- it's called the wii-u. >> it functions lik
, nintendo y ha pÁgina de la televisiÓn pÚblica del paÍs segÚn ellos para poner en evidencia los problemas de lano. >>> sevisionnot. usion hacen t. cibernÉtico que provoca dolor d. cabeza a lnot.not. institucione ongobier univiÓlo esta semana invadieron dos veces la pÁginan del se senado, lanzaron el reto es esto un acto de guerra caballeros refiriÉndose al pentÁgono, la mas recieÉn vÍctia fue la cia esta tarde publicaron que habÍan logrado quebrar la seguridad de estanot. usiont. un provocando que evisionnot. u si saliera del servicio por minuto para mostrar la debilidad denoÁ@ personas disfrutan del juego de romper las barreras de seguridad del gobierno y disfrutan de la taengs que reciben. sÓlo en su cuenta de twitter y superan los 150 milnot. univis., la parte peligrosa de estas in vacaciones no es sÓlo que puedan publicar contenido chistosos, y burlas si no que pueden robar archivos que tenganvisionnot. Ó. gracias por la informaciÓn. la pregunta de periodistas y polÍticos es quÉ habrÁ ha blapd weiner y su esposa tras el regreso de ella de un viaje al exterior. >>> dijo qu
either. hackers are going after nintendo now. more on that in the next hour or. -- hour. >>> 66 degrees outside. >> still to come, living longer. two major breakthroughs in the fight against cancer. >> first the humidity is m captioned by the national captioning institute >>> 4:40 on this monday. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center on this monday. let's look at temperatures. not so bad. we are in the 60's with a little humidity locally and south of town. winchester, 61 along with frederick and gaithersburg. manasseh's at 63. 69 in quantico. -- manassas at 63. the average high is 82. today, 84. hot and humid air will move into the region. near 90 degrees tomorrow. we will be in the upper 90's on wednesday and thursday with a lot of sunshine and maybe thunderstorms by friday and into the weekend. now let's look provokes. >>> nice and smooth. there was debris on 95 at 216. some folks suffered damage from that. you might find a little activity on both shoulders. no activity on 95 in virginia. looks good between fredericksburg and springfield. no problems a
and as soon as he took the stage, apple stock started to drop. it closed down 1.5%. >>> nintendo about to unveil a new gaming console. >> the next system will be shown off at the e3 this week in l.a. nintendo hasn't yet announced a name or described its features but it will be a successor to the very popular wii game console. industry experts say it's certain to support high definition gaming, something the wie lacks. sony unveiled its next generation portable gaming divide called the playstation vida. it allows gamers to be connected over cell phone networks and wi-fi hot spots. it features two cameras, a touchscreen on the front and touch pad on the back. >> just watching all that, how sophisticated it is. do you remember going to the bowling alley and playing pinball how great that was? >> you put a young kid at a pinball machine and they will enjoy it, as well. they are timeless. >>> tough times for money, the fare hike in store for a popular san francisco attraction. >> and a few cups of coffee may have you wired for work. but see how too much could affect your hearing. coming up.
daiichi power plant. >>> gaming giant sony and nintendo lost ground as they scrambled to recover from attacks by hackers. the attack on nintendo appears to be significantly less serious than sony's recent playstation security breach. >>> looking ahead, wednesday's opec gathering in vienna could be the petroleum group's most contentious in years. the organization faces an internal divide over pressure to respond to triple digit oil prices. >>> back here at home apple ceo and co-found other steve jobs makes a big return from medical leave to deliver the keynote speech at apple's developers conference in california. a new operating system and cloud computing service are expected to be among today's highlights. >>> finally, the average penny pincher has got nothing on this guy in ewes utah who has been sited for disorderly conduct after paying a disputed medical bill worth 2,500 pennies. he now faces a fine of $140 or, of course, 14,000 pennies. >>> well, in health news this morning, millions of women at a higher than usual risk of breast cancer may have a new option for preventing the di
that targeted sony has set eyes on nintendo. nintendo is investigating this. >> thank you. 63 degrees on tv hill. coming up, we'll get another look at your morning commute with traffic and weather together. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what's your opinion of the current field of republican presidential candidates? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> in millies, the president of human -- in the millies, the president yemen underwent surgery. -- in the middle theseast. under the reports say anti- government forces attacked the president's compound. >> 80 people people died at a bakery in pakistan. another bomb blast at a bus stop in the northwest killed six people. one man died in a missile strike. 83 degrees on tv hill -6- 23 degrees on tv hill -- 63 degrees on tv hill. >> new evidence in the murder trial of casey anthony. will explain the forensic activity. >> the heat will be back in the seven-day forecast. >> there are some closures in the city. host: could
of hackers that attacked sony say it's responsible for a recent attack on nintendo. the japanese tech giant says no personal or company information was lost. that wasn't of course the case in the sony attack. more than 100 million users personal information was compromised. the group tweeted that it likes nintendo's game console too much to really damage the company. can you imagine? >>> remember the military roll back in december? the washington examiner reports that the economic output of washington's annual college football bowl game doubled between 2009 and 2010. a new report shows it pumped nearly $18 million into the local economy. all that spending came in large part from the 26,000 out of town attendees. more attendees out of town than the total output of attendees the year before. it's exploding in popularity. >> that's excellent. >>> the other thing what's good for us, isn't good for wall street when it comes to oil. >> isn't that interesting? >> jessica, thank you. >>> a man diagnosed with h ivaids says he is cure. >>> the head of apple makes a brief return today. we'll be back.
are raising the stakes at the industry's annual e-3 conference in l.a. nintendo revealed a new video game con coal, the wiiu. it has a personal console. also, sony unveiled the playstation vita, its next portable gaming system. the playstation vita should be available for christmas. the nintendo wii in about a year or so. >> enthusiasm for tech guys. >>> how is this for a new business idea? rent-a-grandma. it's for real. it's an employment service that specializes older women for domestic jobs. and it's going national. in fact, rent-a-grandma says they will be looking for people who can provide more experience. and also, they say, granny will not be texting or tweeting when she's supposed to be watching your kids. which is definitely an upside. i think a lot of parents know that. >> can always use some help. >>> coming up next on this wednesday, no joke. a late-night comic injuries himself while on the air. >> say it isn't so. that's not our jon? indeed. >>> also, the remarkable effort by dallas to even out the nba finals. hey, max. [ announcer ] your dog's one of a kind. and now, you have th
on their october bill. the arch income will be $80 for an individual and $250 for a family. >>> nintendo says the new wii u will bring a new dimension to video games. it includes the functions of the previous wii controllers including a touch screen, camera, microphone, and speaker. it can mirror game plays seen on the big play or act as a second screen. minute ten toe says the wii u will be available some time next year. >>> a new facebook feature is promming new corns over privacy. it has to deal with a new facial recognition feature. once it's recognized it encourages facebook friends to tag them. facebook doesn't give users to avoid being tagged in the photo. instead they must untag themselves after the fact. >>> yosemite national park is changing the way visitors can make camping reservations. starting today people will have to show id when they check into a camp site in the park. visitors will no longer be able to change the name on the reservation. later this summer the park will also stop releasing canceled reservations back to the online system. spots that become available will only
chance for lincoln >>> first it was playstation, then nintendo, now it's sega, its online database was hacked. they stole e-mail addresses. but no payment information. not known how many users were effected. >>> green lantern lit up the box office this weekend. it stars ryan reynolds in what could be a start of a franchise. it debut at number one with $53 million in sales. and mr. popper penguins had a frosty open with only $18 million. >>> next on this monday morning -- the deadly danger in your backyard portable pools. >>> he did something that even tiger woods couldn't do, golf's newest phenomenon, the latest here from the open. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! smoky eyes look amazing, but creating them? that's a
showed up in a lot of items. another big draw, the latest gadget from nintendo. hundreds lined up to get a glimpse of the wii you. can't keep up with the stuff. >>> colorful characters and faster game play are just some of the things kids want to get their hands on these days. jim steyer from common sense media explains what parents need to know about gaming. >> good morning. you know, all of our kids love gaming. it's fun. it's creative, active, and it brings them together with friends and family a lot of times. and today, electronic games grow more creative and sophisticated every year. the biggest showcase for the next gaming gadget that your kids are sure to want is e3, the electronic entertainment expo, which just wrapped up in los angeles this past friday. today, we have a quick look at some of the most important announcements for kids and families in the gaming area. the wii u is the follow-up to nintendo's hugely popular wii system, which is already a big hit with families across the country. the newest feature is a touch screen controller that will play high-definition video, ma
and the warning to drivers, matt. >>> sony, nintendo, pbs, those are some of the things hackers have hackeled. >> and tonight the u.s. government. they're doing that to expose the weaknesses. we're live in capitol hill to tell us did the hackers get ahold of any sensitive data? delia. >> reporter: well, there is some good news. no sensitive data was breached. we can be sure there are folks on the hill trying to get to the bottom of this and trying to beef up of the security. the network file walls prevented hackers from getting any vital information. the documents that were seized were already public. still, experts that we talked to said the hackers are certainly making a statement by moving in on the government. their motto is laughing at your security since 2011, but the federal government is not laughing. hacked into over the weekend. >> own though there is fun and games behind this, they're going to have a lot of people looking afl them. >> reporter: early monday night, the hackers tweeted they were releasing their bethesda and double surprise release on its website
and digital outlets. >>> nintendo unveiled its new gaming season in l.a. featured hd graphics and a six inch monitor built into the handheld controller. >>> check your facebook settings. the site has enabled its new recognition technology which allows you to tag photos of your friends. >>> it will be difficult for one woman to unfriend anyone on facebook after she had all 152 of them tattooed on her arm. pretty good tattoos, too. >>> the red sox and yankees square off, tigers dropped out and the nhl throws the book at a cheap shotter. plus, dirk and the mavs end up their final matchup with the heat. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> our impressive early season heat wave is spreading into the mid-atlantic and the northeast. it's your turn. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." in sports, dallas match rick dirk nowitzki fought off both the miami heat and illness last night the even up the nba finals. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >>> good
. and they've also hit nintendo's website, as well as the u.s. senate. while the c.i.a. public website went down, that site was classified information was not affected. if investigators can pinpoint the group, and arrest the hackers, they could face prison sentences from five to 20 years. >>> a leading supporter of the army private suspected of feeding information to wikileaks invoked his fifth amendment rights before a grand jury. david house obeyed a subpoena to appear yesterday at the federal courthouse, but then refused to testify. supporters of house and private bradley manning demonstrated outside that hearing. manning is in custody at fort leavenworth, accused of leaking sensitive documents about the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >>> coming up next, howard and the forecast. and this. >> it's pet line thursday, got a cute little bunny rabbit to show you in just a few minutes. and we're talking about some storms also. we've got a break good news on the allergy update. we don't have a high, just have moderate grass pollen trees and weeds and mold are low, we'll look at live doppler 9000
information apparently. and the group responsible for the sony and nintendo cyber attacks have denied responsibility. >>> bank of america customers are waking up to a new fee, beginning today. customers who miss a credit card payment could be subject to penalty rates as high as 30% and have to pay a late fee of up to $25. the bank notified customers of the change in april. >>> and if there is any question about gentlemen preferring blonds and the dresses they wear, look at this. the iconic white number marilyn monroe wore in the seven-year itch, it brought in $4.6 million at auction over the weekend. stay with cbs money watch .com. in new york, i'm ashley morrison. >>> they look harmless. why some say kiddie pools are just as dangerous as the real thing. and one person's trash causing a big mess in the bay. the shocking truth about where our garbage is going, when we come back. ============b r e a >>> plus a sign of aging that is tough to erase. the new way to treat cellulite. >>> summer is just a day away but it is already feeling like it outside. it is feeling hot especially many sp
the world's biggest video game show, nintendo has unveiled a new wii microsoft showed off new features common to the x box, and sony unveiled a new portable video game systems. gabe slate gives us a look at the new gaming and information coming from out soon. >> and nintendo has put out the next wii call the of wiiyiu. they offer them to screen to play on, the tv and the comptroller, the comptroller works of the game with motion like the current mode, this act like the screen for the game, if a family member or rulemaking to off the tv you can continue to play on the controller itself. the wii you controller features to video chat as well. i think it will be 2012 before we see this on the market, sony also on victim--unveiled a new system, called vita with a touch interface and is motion system. you can connect another over cellphone networks and wifi hot spots. it has front and back cameras, a touch that --touch pad on the back and to joystick's. it will be $249 for the wifi and the $299 for the wifi + 3 d. food is expected to be on the market by the holidays. from an x box users wil
. >> let's just talk about nintendo. they are proposing something new and exciting. >> yes. we don't know. we have very little information on what it is. it is apple-like secrecy. what is interesting is the wii and the way it was developed. it caught on and as a result shares soared up. they are now 79% down from the peak. they have had a bad time. not because of popularity, it is still there. it is who they are popular with. the casual gamers. they don't buy a wide range of software. as a result, that's why they haven't been able to really grow on the back of the wii. hard core gamers buy wide range of software and that's of course where the money is. >> get with the geeks. i'm very casual. david, thank you very much indeed for that. let's get to other stories around the world. starting with the united states calling for an immediate transfer of power in yemen following saleh's departure to saudi. he is being treated in a saudi hospital. his supporters say he is still in power and will be back in yemen within days. ar announcing her decision to run for the top job of the international mo
thing, and concern about jobs' health. >>> nintendo says no personal data was lost after they were hacked this weekend. a group that hacked sony claimed responsibility for the hacking. >>> the first walmart express opens in arkansas this weekend. it's the size of a drugstore, one-tenth the size of a usual walmart. the idea i compete with dollar stores, which saw business grow during the recession. >>> young x-men opened as the nation's top movie this weekend. it made $56 million. that's less than the other "x-men" movies. which all made $80 million or more in their opening weekend. last week's top movie, "the hangover part ii" came in second. "kung fu panda 2" came in third. >>> a 15-year-old in germany posted her birthday on facebook. she got a little bit more than she bargained for. she accidentally invited facebook's entire membership. , many with cake and presents. the girl fled to her grandparents' home as all the people showed up. you can see, a little crowded there. >> i doubt everybody got cake. never underestimate the spread of facebook. >>> coming up next on this monday,
update to the nintendo wii, it's called the wii u. it was unveiled in los angeles today, and it wants to let you take the wii gaming with you, not just a controller, this new system adds a screen, the double game system complete with excel ro trying to capitalize on the ds. >> i'm terrible at the wii. jeff ranieri is certainly out having a wee of a time, a fun assignment, he is doing robots tonight. he always gets the good assignments. >> oh, i thought he was dancing the robot. >> no, no. it would be really bad if i did it. not so good, huh? >> keep trying. >> yes. yes. it is sunny out there today, but this competition, this whole program we're a part of today is so amazing we definitely felt we should step inside. it's all about citizen schools partnering up with major corporations here in the bay area and offering these one of a kind unique apprenticeships to middle schoolers. let's bring on in terry anderson with cisco, the global communications director. we'll talk a bit about the apprenticeships and how important they are to the local community. >> i think they're very important.
obama conmemoró el día de la memoria nintendo memoria los soldados caídos quienes catalogó como guardianes de los estados unidos y exhortó ejemplo y resaltar su sacrificio. el primer mandatario dijo sentirse muy honrado de ser el comandante en jefe de las tropas estadounidenses. muy bien, esto ha sido t por hoy, gracias
, hacking nintendo. >>> the first walmart express opens in arkansas this weekend. it's the size of a drug stroer, one-tenth the size of a usual walmart. >>> young x men opened as the nation's top movie this weekend. it made $56 million. that ast less than the other "x-men" movies. last week's top movie, "the hangover part ii" came in second. >>> a 15-year-old posted her birthday on facebook. she accidentally invited facebook's entire membership. 1500 came, many with cake and presents. she fled to her grandparents' home. >> never underestimate the spread of fatsbook. >>> coming up next on this monday, those bomb shell announcements over the weekend. new drugs that could be the cure for some types of skin and breast cancer. >>> and an explosive combination. a lightning storm over a volcanic eruption. check that out. with chili's new $6 lunch break combos. choose from a house salad or hot, tasty soup. then pair it with a massive texas toast half sandwich, like our delicious classic turkey or our gigantic new southwestern blt, smothered in cilantro lime mayo and jam-packed with three glorious
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